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Cosgrove Gaynard solicitors are a full services practice based in Dublin but serving all counties in Ireland acting for both businesses and private clients in defamation cases.

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We are experts in this area of law and have been involved in some leading defamation cases in Ireland.

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Our lawyers are determined that your issue will be resolved quickly and effectively. Time is a great factor when you are dealing with defamation issues.

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Defamation is an area of law which generally requires immediate assistance. This can be particularly the case if something has or is about to be published, whether in hard copy or online. We are readily available 24/7 for emergency applications, including at weekends where an emergency application is required to prevent a defamation article from being published or indeed to remove a defamatory article.

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Since we established the firm, we have had hundreds of satisfied clients . We thrive on positive client feedback and ultimately our best marketing tool is a satisfied client.


Online Defamation 

As mentioned we have been involved in some leading Defamation cases in Ireland.

This is particularly the case when it comes to online defamation and the removal of content from social media platforms.

This is an area of law where we are acutely aware of what is required :

– To obtain  the necessary evidence to prove the defamation

– Who exactly to contact regarding the various social media platforms and the removal of content

– How to obtain the IP address, email address and details behind posts on social media platforms

– To establish whether social media platforms are liable for defamation along with the person or persons who have posted online

There is a formal process involved and you need an expert defamation solicitor who has the necessary experience in taking action against the various social media platforms having gone through the process many times.

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